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Join Our “Eat the Rainbow” Challenge

We believe that wellness is a choice.

We believe that feeling “okay” isn’t enough.

We believe that diet and lifestyle go a long way to helping us LIVE YOUNGER . . . LONGER?

Our Eat the Rainbow Facebook Group is a free, fun, 5-Day, members only, private group designed to add knowledge, support and accountability to bringing a colorful array of foods to your diet.  For Five, Fun-Filled, Food-Focused, days you will eat as much of the Rainbow as you can!

Who would benefit?  (You mean besides nearly everyone?!)  That’s easy.

  • Anyone on a quest for wellbeing:
  • Just getting started
  • Want more knowledge about eating
  • Have information and insights to share with others

What you will get from the group

  • You will be in an invitation-only group
  • Follow and Post when you choose.  Facebook is always open.
  • Eat the Rainbow Daily Tracker (Downloadable)
  • Daily posts from us to share knowledge and information, and to spark your imagination and grow your food wisdom.
  • Recipes, recipes and more recipes! (Downloadable)
  • Challenge Gifts to help you stay on track (Shipped to you)
  • Only 5 days. Easy Peasy.
  • Continue with more of our Generation Health programs down the road.

Benefit from the supportive feedback a group can provide.

  • Recognition  when you earn it and
  • Encouragement when you need it.

What if there was a FREE group you could join that gave you EASY ideas and recipes on how to eat better? 

Terry & I are putting together a FREE “Eat the Rainbow” private group on Facebook. It’s focused on eating more fruits and veggies, and getting all the colors of the rainbow into your diet each day!

We’ll be sharing healthy recipes, healthy eating tips, and fun ways to eat more fruits and veggies. Plus we’ll be holding each other accountable.

We’d love to have you join us!

The group will be starting in a few days, and we’d love to have you be a part of it. Simply click the link below, and we’ll send you a special link to join.

– Don & Terry Sykes, the Good Health Club

Win Free Prizes!

You’ll have a chance to win free prizes just for joining us!

Every day we will hold a random drawing from all those who share their tracker. You even get to choose your prize!

Click on the video and you can see what your choices are.

Remember, you’ll need to be a part of our special Facebook group to participate. Simply click on the link above, and we’ll send you a special invite.

We look forward to getting a little healthier as we work on our eating habits, and “eat the rainbow.”

Don & Terry Sykes

About The Good Health Club

Living YOUNGER . . .  Longer

If you’d like to come along on this journey to better health & wellness, we’d love to help! Spend a little time reading through this site. We’ve got articles on health and wellness, information about natural nutritional products that can help, and details about a simple process you can follow to attain optimal health.


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